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Dr. Pantaleno has been selected as the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)School Psychologist of the Year for 2013. Click here to see the award ceremony:

NASPConvention Keynote

Article in NASP May 2013 Communique


NYSUT Article Honoring Him

He is deeply grateful to all friends and colleagues for these honors and will strive to uphold them and the professionalism they represent.


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EVENT at Hofstra University

The Edge of Therapy: Students, Yoga and Mindful Practice.

Dr. Pantaleno is a panelist.

Monday, 3/3/14, 4PM-8PM

Click here for conference follow-up and handouts.

SPCA Private Practice Presentation by Dr. Pantaleno & Dr. Honor April 4, 2014.  Please click for details.
For SCPA Mindfulness in Clinical Practice Issue, please click here.
For Dr. Pantaleno's article about teen suicide and cyberbullying, please click here.
For Dr. Pantaleno's articles in Newsday, please click here.
For Dr. Pantaleno's article about borderline personality disorder from SCPA Newsletter, please click here.
For Dr. Pantaleno's article about Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction Practices Within Public Education Policy, please click here.


Useful Links

Click on the bright colored font for web site addresses with helpful resources.

For everyone, I recommend a visit to the web page for The Happiness Trap:  How To Stop Struggling and Start Living, by Dr. Russ Harris at http://www.thehappinesstrap.com  You can read the first chapter of the book. School support staff and mental health professionals may download lots of wonderful handouts by accessing the Free Resources link on the home page.

For ParentS:
















The College Board:  Services for Students With Disabilities


Search on the College Board Web page for two excellent articles:

  • Ten Ways To Help Your Child Become Self-Reliant
  • How To Avoid The Top 10 Mistakes When Requesting Accommodations: SSD Documentation

Western New York College Consortium and Disability Advocates: www.ccdanet.org

This is the single best college planning web page for parents of students with disabilities AND for their children.  Work with your child online to respond to a number of the self-administered questionnaires, then search through the many valuable links here for information on New York State accommodations and services provided at the college level.


About Cognitive Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Schema Therapy: 

The Albert Ellis Institute:  www.rebt.org.  Features a large online bookstore.

http://rebtnetwork.org/  This site is simply one of the best resources for background information on REBT, its history, and some of its basic philosophy and goals.  Please look for the  REBT SELF-HELP FORM link, into which you can type your own personal responses and share them with your therapist.

The Cognitive Therapy Center of New York:  www.schematherapy.com.

This is Dr. Jefrey Young’s unique and very user-friendly gold mine of information about cognitive therapy and schema therapy.  Schema therapy is a treatment program developed, in part, for the treatment of personality disorders.


About Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

You Tube Video “Back From The EDGE”

YOU TUBE VIDEO “Dr. Shari manning Overview of DBT”



About Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)