Follow-up and handouts from Conference at Hofstra University on Monday, 3/3/14.

The Edge of Therapy: Students, Yoga and Mindful Practice.

Dr. Anthony Pantaleno was a panelist.


Dear "Edge of Therapy" Conference Participant:

Here are the materials you were promised.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of this conference, and know that the power of our collective intention to bring mindfulness and yoga into our schools will continue.  You will absolutely be notified of any future events as a follow-up to this memorable day.  We could not have been blessed with a more beautiful venue than Hofstra University, and despite the bitter cold day, everyone left with a smile in their hearts.

 Please feel free to share this e-mail with your friends and colleagues, and on behalf of all the panel members, facilitators, Hofstra University, Joshua Greene, and myself...




The Edge of Therapy:  Students, Yoga, and Mindful Practice

 March 3, 2014

Hofstra University

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Kabat –Zinn, Jon. Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of your Body and Mind to face Stress, Pain, and Illness. Delta Publishing. (Practice CDs can be ordered in addition). This book is about the MBSR Program and discusses the curriculum in some detail.

Stahl, Bob & E. Goldstein. A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. (comes with a MP3 CD with guided meditations). An excellent self-study guide!

Williams M, J. Teasdale, Z. Siegel, and J. Kabat-Zinn. The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness. Guilford Press. (Practice CDs included).

You Tube:  Search for…

“Healing and the Mind”:  This is the original PBS documentary featuring Bill Moyers interviewing John Kabat Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Stress Reduction Clinic

 “Jon Kabat Zinn at Google”: This is a fantastic introductory lecture given by John Kabat-Zinn to the employees at Google.

Neuroscience (for non-scientists)

Hanson, Rick. Buddha’s Brain: Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom. New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

Rick Hanson puts out a free weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to through his website.

Siegel, Daniel J. Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation. Bantam Books and other books by Daniel Siegel.


Your Brain on Yoga

An E-book by our esteemed panelist Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D

Traditional Chinese Zen Meditation:

Transcendental Meditation:

Other valuable resources:

Center for Mindfulness (CFM)

Research, general information

Click on OASIS to look at the Training Programs at CFM

You can order CDs from various CFM teachers.

A website of Greater New York Area MBSR teachers. The site contains articles, book recommendations, video clips and greater New York area MBSR schedules.

The websites below contain a lot of information; explore what might be of interest to you.

Mindfulness in Schools Resources (Oakland, CA-Curriculum K-12)   (Connecticut-inner City focused Program)   (The Mind-Body Awareness Project-for At-Risk Youth, CA) (Mind-Up Curriculum, K-8/ Goldie Hawn)  (Amy Salzman)

Yoga In Schools Resources

Guided meditations on the Internet

UCSD Center for Mindfulness: audio downloads at:

The Mindfulness Solution

AudioDharma: guided meditation downloads

Meditation Oasis: free Podcasts

Insight Meditation Society: meditation downloads

Sharon Salzberg’s Loving Kindness (Metta) meditation download

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention-downloads are listed under the “clinicians” link

Workshops & ongoing classes in Vipassana style meditation are offered at:

New York Insight Meditation Center
28 West 27th Street, 10th floor New York, New York 10001
Phone: 212-213-4802


Insight Meditation Society, Barre, Massachusetts

Holistically oriented educational, residential programs in New York State



CDs and DVDs on mindfulness and other spiritual traditions:

You can sign up for a “weekly” audio wisdom selection free of charge. These are short excerpts of audio podcasts. (5-10 minutes).  Sounds True also offers online webinars with well-known meditation teachers. 

For College Students:

Jake Gibbs and Roddy Gibbs. The Mindful Way To Study [Kindle Edition]

Online tips for college students:


   Click here to read article from Newsday

Click here to read article by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Click here to read about Mindfulness Research Trends