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Dr. Pantaleno has been selected as the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)School Psychologist of the Year for 2013. Click here to see the award ceremony:

NASPConvention Keynote

Article in NASP May 2013 Communique


NYSUT Article Honoring Him

He is deeply grateful to all friends and colleagues for these honors and will strive to uphold them and the professionalism they represent.


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EVENT at Hofstra University

The Edge of Therapy: Students, Yoga and Mindful Practice.

Dr. Pantaleno is a panelist.

Monday, 3/3/14, 4PM-8PM

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SPCA Private Practice Presentation by Dr. Pantaleno & Dr. Honor April 4, 2014.  Please click for details.
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Four-Session Evaluation

For families new to my practice, I typically conduct an evaluation of four sessions to develop a treatment plan to address the presenting problems efficiently. 

Session I – 90 minutes

I spend about 15 minutes introducing myself and how I work.  We discuss the limits of confidentiality, how to reach me in an emergency, and how to engage any other persons involved in the young person’s life.  The next 30 minutes are with the parent(s) and child together discussing present as well as any past history.  The remaining 45 minutes are alone with the adolescent, and then with the family together again.

Session II – 45 minutes

I spend this session alone with the teen or young adult.  I learn more about how the youngster thinks, interprets the situation, and expresses feelings.  We do an overview of treatment strategies and discuss the personality assessment which will take place during the third session. 

Session III – 45 minutes

Parents are seen alone, while the youth completes a series of paper-and-pencil questionnaires  Some of these assessments may include the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventories, the Suicide Orientation Inventory, the Personal Problems Checklist, the Connors 3 Rating Scales, and the SASSI, a self-report measure of substance abuse and/or other instruments.

Session IV – 45 minutes

The family is seen together OR the parent(s) and child are seen separately for a discussion of the outcomes and recommendations based on the sessions we have held.

Note that during the first three evaluation sessions, we discuss the type of treatment approach which might work best as well as the frequency of visits.  Young people may reduce the frequency of visits by demonstrating positive behavior change.  Not all teens require weekly psychotherapy visits, and I encourage young people to empower themselves to become an active, rather than a passive participant in their treatment sessions.